Thailand is an amazing country filled with tons of culture, beautiful landscapes & awesome adventures.  Here are our top 20 things to do when you visit Thailand!

  1. Enjoy the sunsets: Try and catch it from a different spot every night. In the Phi Phi Islands we took a boat out on a sunset tour for some island hopping, snorkeling, kayaking & dinner.
  1. Hang out with the elephants: Elephants is a huge topic in the Thai tourism industry.  The biggest question… to ride or not to ride?  Most experiences treat the elephants very poorly so you have to watch out for those.  Our suggestion is the Karen’s Tribe Native Elephants.  We spent the day learning about these beautiful creatures and helped take care of them.  Our favorite moment was walking with them through the jungle.  Visit Them!
  1. Explore islands by longboat: For 3500 Baht 4 of us got a private boat in Ao Nang, Krabi. We explored the Hong Islands. Tip:  bring earplugs, the motor is very loud.
  1. Brave the markets: Whether your shopping for yourself or bringing home souvenirs, you will for sure find 1 of everything you need in these markets.  Bangkok is known for their Floating Markets & Chaing Mai for their Sunday night market.  We went to the Chaing Mai Sunday Market right when it opened at 5pm, before the crowds got too insane.  We Highly suggest arriving early.
  1. Visit the temples: There over 40,000 temples throughout the country.  Seek out the most important ones wherever you are.  We have another video of the top 6 to visit in chang mai, check in out in the link below. Here is our video of the “Top 6 Temples to See in Chiang Mai.”
  1. Rent a motorbike: If you are comfortable on 2 wheels on the opposite side of the road rent a motorbike.  We don’t like tour buses or guided group tours.  We prefer to make a bucket list of an area and go on our own.  Our 2 favorite places to ride were Koh Samui & Chaing Mai. Wear a helmet, its the law but don’t be dumb.  If you don’t look Thai you will most likely get pulled over at some point so keep small bills on you to pay off the officers, it’s not a big deal.
  1. Do an adventure tour: Thailand is one of the cheaper countries to adventure.  Zipline, go rafting, parasailing, get a thrill!  If you are in Chiang Mai you must do The Flight of the Gibbon, Zipline Tour.  With over 18 ziplines this is Asia’s longest & highest ziplines. Who doesn’t want to swing through the jungle like a monkey while hanging out with the monkeys?  Visit Them Here
  1. Muy Thai: Go see a Muy Thai fight and for the real experience take a class.  We had fun getting our butts kicked @ Raja Boxing in the Maya Mall, Chiang Mai.
  1. Ride a bicycle through the countryside: Enjoy the sun on your shoulders and get some exercise while checking out the scenery and famers at work.   We did the Hike & Bike Tour with Active Thailand in Chiang Mai.  It was an awesome day! Visit Them Here
  1. Beaches: One of the biggest most people visit Thailand is the beautiful beaches on every coast.  In busy season the popular beaches are extremely crowded.  Best piece of advice is to walk a bit further to find more secluded spots.  Tourists don’t walk much further than where their tour bus or boat drops them off.
  1. Diving & snorkeling: You must check out the wildlife under the sea.  Either join a snorkeling or diving tour or buy your own snorkel for a few bucks.  We got to see a whale shark!
  1. Try the local fruits: Mangos everywhere! Mango smoothies, mango sticky rice, mango ice cream, have it all!  Don’t stop there, Thailand has some of the most rad looking fruits.  Try mangostein, its got mega health benefits.  You’ll see signs everywhere about not bringing durian fruit in to your hotel room or planes because of the smell, so you have to just try it, it’s interesting.
  1. Have coffee at a new spot everyday: Don’t go to Starbucks, not even once. Drink the local coffee, it’s amazing!  Make it a challenge to hit up a new coffee joint every day.
  1. Party scene: If you are in Thailand for a Full or Half Moon Party in Koh Pangnan its something you definitely should do.   The nightlife on the beach in the Phi Phi Islands is a ton of fun.  We had a blast dancing all night long!
  1. Check out the Lady Boy’s: You’ve just got to see it to believe it.  We saw the Lady Boy Cabernet in Chiang Mai, It happens nightly at 9:30pm in the Night Bazaar.
  1. Dip your feet in a waterfall: Gotta get that Instagram pic! We checked out a few during our trip and each of them impressed us.
  1. Try the street food, but don’t ask what’s in it: The End.
  1. Take a cooking class: Every trip we take we love to take a cooking class. In Ao Nang, Krabi we cooked with Chef Ya @ Krabi Cooking School , we highly recommend it! Visit Them Here
  1. Get a Massage: You cannot miss out on the Thai Massage! For only a couple bucks you get an hour of bliss.
  1. Meet People: Whether you are travelling alone or with a group make conversations with strangers.  Out of all the countries we’ve visited we met the most interesting people from around the world here.  One of our best nights was making friends in Koh Samui at The Samui Experience.


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