WanderWorx provides 5 star quality in everything we do!

Are you in need of professional engaging videos to promote your brand, hotel, adventure or destination? Do you want a professional & fun couple to work with you to achieve your vision?

WanderWorx provides a creative platform to deliver effective videos & promotion to ensure you stand out.  Whether you’re looking to tell the story of luxury, high energy or ultimate relaxation we’ll match your style and exceed your expectations.

Email: Rachel@WanderWorx.com

By choosing WanderWorx you will have 2 of the top travel media experts working with you.  We come with over 20 years of experience from the Film & TV industry and promise to deliver the highest quality cinematography for your brand or destination.  If you are looking to strengthen your social media presence or revamp your company’s main video, we’re the team to make it happen.

Our Full Service List

We shoot professional cinematography that tells a story and sparks inspiration.  Our footage is beautiful, high energy & has a style that stands out above the rest.  We come with over 20 years of video production experience in the TV and Film industry.

Aerial Videography can add that extra touch of production value that takes your project to the next level. WanderWorx has been working with aerial videography equipment for years and have mastered the cinematic shot that can tell a beautiful story in itself.

Hosting & Voice-Overs is a key part of storytelling and influences the tone of your video.

We are available to takeover your social media networks providing high quality videos & photography uploaded real time to share our experience with followers.

Live action & multi camera events have an incredible amount of logistics. Everything from lighting to live editing we have the masters who can capture your event for the world to watch.

When it comes to all businesses (large and small), the success of the business depends heavily on word of mouth.  They are extremely powerful tools when it comes to strengthening your branding. We produce effective testimonial videos that engage the viewer.

Need some high end photos of your company that will make people say “WOW, I want to be there, I want to do that?”  Our photos will work great to add to your website, social media campaigns or anywhere else that you need exceptional images.

We create beautiful videos to show off your property.  Use of aerial cinematography, sweeping panoramas & time-lapse sequences help us capture the unique essence of your location.

We work with your company to represent your brand.  We have a knowledge of marketing, an established online presence & the ability to gather feedback & provide innovative insight.

Our Partners

Pueblo Bonito

Thank you so much for the videos and the images.  They are amazing! It is everything we could have hoped for and I can´t wait to put them to use on our social media channels.  They really tell the story about Pacifica and The Towers. You did so much for us, thank you so much!!!

Mary, Marketing Director

Pueblo Bonito

Thank you very much for EVERYTHING!!! It was absolutely our pleasure to have had you both with us. You are a delightful couple….au contraire we are very pleased to have spent time with you. My entire team speaks very highly of you.

Severino, Managing Director Luxury Brands