We had a blast exploring the beautiful city of Mazatlan Mexico.  Here are our recommendations to have an awesome trip!

# 1:  Where to Stay:  You should stay at one of our favorite hotel chains, the Pueblo Bonito.  They have 2 beach front properties in Mazatlan.  Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay is located about 30 minutes outside of town & its a luxurious , secluded resort with 5 star amenities.  Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan is a smaller resort closer to town for an intimate experience.   Both resorts offer all inclusive packages and are definitely a special slice of paradise.

#2:  Where to Eat:  Mazatlan is known as the shrimp capital of the world & home of the most fresh seafood.  For lunch try a unique dish in Old Town  at Fresco, a new, hip spot with locally fresh ingredients.  Our favorite were the tuna & crab tacos.  For dinner make a reservation at Casa 46.  This restaurant is filled with historical decor & overlooks the plaza in Old Town.   Must try’s here are their braised short ribs & the sea bass.

#3.  Get Active: Hike or bike to see this beautiful city.  For the best views of all of Mazatlan hike up to the lighthouse.  This is the worlds tallest lighthouse.   From Old Town take an open air Pulmonia, its only a 5 minute drive to the bottom of the hill.  The hike will take you about an hour & best of all, its free! Another way to get active is to rent a bike and ride along the 13 mile boardwalk.  Stop along the way and refresh with a coconut on the beach.

#4.  Experience The Culture:  The Old Town was built by Europrean settlers that were searching for gold.  They set up the Pacifico brewery and influenced the architecture throughout.  To experience “real” Mexico visit El Qeulite, which is about 30 minutes away from Mazatlan.  Here you will find cobblestone roads, beautiful landscapes & friendly locals.  For the ultimate traditional Mexican breakfast & a unique cultural experience visit El Mesond Los Laureanos. Come hungry & get ready to hang out with all the farm animals!  Bonus, on the way you will drive across the Tropic of Cancer.

#5 See the Sunset:  Maztatlan is known at the Zona Dorado, meaning the the Golden Sun.  Here you will see one the most impressive sunsets in this world.    Some of the best places to watch the sunset are on the beaches at either of the Pueblo Bonito resorts.

#6 Relax!: Unwind and recharge at one of Latin America’s #1 rated spas, The Armonia Spa at the Pueblo Bonito, Emerald Bay.  Vacation is all about finding bliss, you’ll definitely find it at the Armonia from their gym to their organic spa treatments.  The world class facilities here will ensure ultimate relaxation.

#7 Go on an Adventure: You’ve got to check out Stone Island!  This is only a quick 5 minute boat road from Mazatlan but you will feel like you’ve traveled to a whole other destination.  Here you can ATV & ride horses along 6 miles of virgin beach, kayak in the ocean or just take in this island full of palm trees with a drink in hand at one of Stone Island’s beach bars.

Mazatlan is a beautiful city full of culture, beaches & culinary experiences.  We hope you enjoy exploring Mazatlan as much as we did! Hasta Luego!


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