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Free LUTS to use in your workflow

Here is a collection of some free LUTs that you can use when working with your footage.  With any LUT make sure you do some color grading first then add your LUT and tweak.  There is always a level of editing that goes into working with a LUT.  You can’t just slap one on and expect it to work and look perfect right away.  If you have any questions or want to see some more tutorials then please leave a comment below and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

1. Ground Control Color: Nine Free LUTs

2. Juan Melara: Four Free LUTs

3. Download Free LUTs, Presets, Grains, and Burns

4. SmallHD: Seven Free LUTs

5. DeLUTs: One Free LUT

6. Frank Glencairn: One Free Vintage LUT

7. More Free LUTS


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