Our good friends Lindsay & Alex, IG @aforeigner.abroad, visited Fiji for their honeymoon. Fiji is on our bucket list so we asked them for some suggestions.

What are some things we should do to experience Fiji’s culture?

Participate in a Kava ceremony!  For Fijian’s “kava” means it’s time to sit back and relax. Here are some helpful tips to know before you go to a Kava ceremony. You will be offered “high tide” or “low tide,” which means, do you want a full cup (high tide) or a half cup (low tide) of Kava? Before you receive the bowl, clap once, say “Bula!” drink entire cup, clap 3 times then pass it. Don’t freak out if you feel a tingling or numbness on your tongue. Kava is known to make people feel extremely relaxed.

Take a short boat ride from Matangi Island to the island of Qamea where you can explore quant villages. In Togo Village you can learn about the local heritage, try its local fare & taste the town Kava. It’s a really cool place to buy Fijian crafts, like hand painted saris and beautifully carved kava bowls..

What is one of Fiji’s hidden gems?

The Garden of the Sleeping Giant is a hot spot you don’t want to miss. There are over 2,000 varieties of Asian orchids, canopy-covered boardwalks and tranquil lily ponds in the middle of the dense rainforest. This secret garden is located just 4 miles from the Nadi International Airport. It’s a great detour if you have time to spare in between connecting flights.

Where should we stay?

We stayed at the Beach Bungalow’s on Matangi Island. This resort is just north of Taveuni. The resort is a 240 acre island paradise with beachfront bure’s nestled on white sanded beaches. You are surrounded by tropical rainforest and crystal clear waters. There are only five beachfront bure’s to choose from. Each bure is hand crafted with bamboo, lava rock and coconut palm. Right outside your door there is world class snorkeling.   The rainbow colored reefs in this spot are amazing!

What was the best hike you found?

We hiked the Waterfalls of Taveuni. Taveuni Island is nicknamed the “Garden Island” is where you will find Bouma National Park. We trekked here through prehistoric tree ferns, raging waterfalls and natural water slides. The Tavoro waterfall is 80 feet tall, and it’s a great spot to take a dip. Keep your eye out for the secret cave and a flat ledge 20 meters high for some cliff jumping.

What are some ocean activities you recommend?

Getting out on the turquoise waters will be the highlight of your trip!  Kayaking in Fiji is a great way to see the various islands and their tropical landscapes. We paddled to 3 uninhabited islands.

The crystalline waters and rainbow coral reefs make Fiji one of the top scuba diving capitals in the world. From the soft coral splendor of Taveuni to the current-fed pelagic fun of the Koro Sea, the rugged untamed reefs of Kadavu or the shark diving action of the Pacific Harbor, Fiji has it all!

If scuba diving isn’t your thing explore under water with a snorkel. Fiji offers a unique snorkeling experience with over a 1,000 species of fish & coral. There are over 4,000 square miles of coral reef & warm water temperatures, snorkeling can be enjoyed year round

What was your drink of choice?

You’ve got to try Fiji Gold! It’s light golden lager style beer. It tastes like a Heineken but its half the price. It’s got some light bubbles with a smooth finish. This is a refreshing beer to throw back and enjoy while kayaking, sailing or relaxing on the beach.

What should we do to get a thrill?

One of our best days was sliding down the natural water slide in Waitavala.  The slide is over 150 feet of smooth rock. You can slide down on your bum, go head first or dare to do as the locals and stand. The locals are pros! It’s almost as fun to just sit off to the side and watch them slide down standing up like it’s no big deal. Absolute blast!

Lindsay & Alex have a ton of photos & more suggestions from their Fiji vacation as well as other adventures on aforeignerabroad.com




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